New iPardalis Genes

Zanaka (F2) Zanaka is F2 because his mother’s father was a wild-caught Ambilobe named Herb (Fanitso), owned by Kammerflage Kreations. Bohana (CH) Bohana was hatched by Busy B’s Exotics from eggs laid by an Ambilobe female imported in 2019. Bohana’s brothers proved out and are some very nice yellow body blue bar Ambilobe, like this guy owned by Daniel Gordinho named Goldust:

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Judy's First Clutch

Female Fucifer pardalis (Panther Chameleons) will rock back and forth with their mouth agape in a defensive posture when they are not ready to mate. It is always good to introduce the female into the male’s enclosure to avoid injury to either animal because their body language is not for show.

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