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We breed and raise Ambilobe Panther Chameleons (Fucifer pardalis), among other exotic reptiles. Our blog is a way to connect with the community and share our experience.

Furcifer pardalis Body Color Inheritance Theory

on July 23, 2022

TLDR; Most individuals have multiple body colors because the complete absence of a color is extremely rare. If a color is found in that locale, you usually can find at least some of it somewhere on every individual’s body from that locale. Offspring can have more of a given color than either of their parents (just like a human child can be taller than BOTH parents) Environmental factors, like being raised in groups vs raised individually, can have a significant impact on the color of the animal, just like height, eye color and disease resistance in humans (those are polygenic traits, too!

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Bibi (WC)

on June 29, 2022

Bibi is a very vibrant wild caught (WC) Ambilobe panther chameleon. Bibidia translates to wild in Malagasy, which is why we named our two WC Bibi and Dia. Bibi has a decent amount of red on his face and blue bars with a vibrant green/yellow body. The yellow covers both his body and bars, so his bars almost look green at times. He is a very unique animal and we are very lucky to work with him.

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Dia (WC)

on June 28, 2022

Dia was our favorite WC import, between him and Bibi. He had a clean yellow body and his bars showed more blue as he settled in; however, he did not fully acclimate and we only got a few clutches from him. We did find him some top notch females from our line, so hopefully those great traits get worked into the gene pool! Dia Dia1

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on March 7, 2022

Robina is a female we acquired from Ramblin' Exotics Clapton x Layla pairing. Her sire, Clapton, and dam sire, DynamiteTNT, both have phenomenal blue bars which I believe will complement Ralph’s really well. With any luck, a few Ralph clones could pop out because Robina is an RBBB x RBBB female.

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