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Shipping Info

We require pictures of your enclosure pre-shipment

We ship Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday via FedEx Priority Overnight for next day arrival. iPardalis has live arrival guarantees on all shipments.

FedEx requires a phone # for shipping live animals in case they need to reach out to the recipient directly. We will also need to look up the closest shipping center to your zip code and confirm prior to shipping.

Quality Guaranteed

We guarantee the quality of our animals. On top of our live arrival guarantee, if you are unsatisfied for any reason, you can request a 100% refund/replacement upon safe return to iPardalis. We will want to understand your reasoning, so please be prepared to discuss and share pictures. If it is determined that improper care resulted in injury, poor health or death, then this guarantee is null and void.

We will replace animals long after the point of sale for legitimate reasons; however, we reserve the right to determine which long-term issues are legitimate and which ones aren’t. Long-term is 6+ months after the point of sale.

Please note, you will be responsible for shipping in the case of a replacement/refund.


Deposits are 100% refundable for any reason and applied to the balance when you are ready to ship. For example, if you pay a $75 deposit to hold a $325 female, then $250 plus shipping and sales tax will be due before you ship.

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