Are Panther Chameleons friendly?

No - they are solitary animals which should always be housed individually. They prefer to be left alone. Panther Chameleons are not aggressive, but some can be territorial and defensive, especially if you move quickly in their personal space. They do not like to be handled - you should always provide them with options to escape and hide if they prefer. Limit interactions until they view you as a source of food and comfort. Don’t rush it.

How do you build trust with your Panther Chameleon?

You can gain their trust, but it should be done slowly, on their terms. We are huge fans of Choice-based handling techniques focused on their choices, sense of control and natural behavior - not our perception of their demeanor. This can often be achieved through patient hand feeding exercises.

Should You Keep a Panther Chameleon as a Pet?

I believe Panther Chameleons make wonderful pets. They teach us to respect nature and love it unconditionally. You provide safety, security and care without expecting anything in return - just like we should do with the forest, rivers, lakes and ocean. We may get lucky now and then, but the lesson is very valuable. Especially in today’s world where we often expect immediate gratification and are surrounded by short, transactional relationships.

Check out Bill Strand’s recent vlog on taming his Shamrock Chameleons for some great tips!

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