How fast do baby Panther Chameleons grow?

Baby Panther Chameleons grow very quickly from a .5 gram jelly-bean-sized hatchling to a sexually mature adult by around 8-10 months old. We weighed a clutch of babies every two weeks as they grew from 8 weeks old to 12 weeks old (roughly the age when they are ready for a new home). They started around 2.7 grams on average but just during those 4 weeks they grew to 10.6 grams on average!

How big are baby Panther Chameleons by the time you can sell them?

If you look at the results of our 2021 study on the growth rates of baby panther chameleons raised under different UVI, there was a decent amount of variation. The largest individual was 27.6 grams but the smallest had still not hit his exponential growth curve and he was only 1.4 grams. This is exactly why we don’t just sell them at 3 months old - they also need to be at least 12 grams of weight.

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