Where should you buy a Panther Chameleon?

It is best to work with a breeder who specializes in Panther Chameleons and the locality you are interested in acquiring. Flippers and “gotta catch ’em all” houses have difficulty staying organized and keeping females straight, especially if they are group raising multiple locales or purchasing wholesale from the actual breeder before selling the chameleons to their customers. You are more likely to get the support you need from a specialist, and you are less likely to get scammed.

Common Panther Chameleon Scams

There are a numerous “reputable” breeders who flip or drop ship Panther Chameleons. Most of the websites that rank well on Google search are just AI generated nonsense with anatomically incorrect or stolen images in their ads.

Many “reputable” breeders modify their images - please look at the surroundings and background lighting to see if the lighting matches the chameleon or if the person has oompa loompa colored hands. Those chameleons will look very different in person and are likely over-priced cross-locality animals.

I can’t tell you how many times I have talked to people who got scammed buying a $1k+ Panther Chameleon that they can’t give away for free. Please, a company with breeder in the name is not enough - confirm they are dedicated to a multi-generational project and aren’t just over-producing off other breeder’s lines or re-posting images and videos of animals that they sold years ago. They will try to sell you babies from them today. There are numerous websites and popular social media accounts that are notorious for this practice.

One of the most common red flags is the “greatest hits” breeders who continually re-post their greatest hits instead of their current projects. Double those red flags when those “greatest hits” are animals they acquired from someone else. If you have a question about the industry - reach out. We would be happy to share our experience.

Reputable Panther Chameleon Breeders List

Check out our partners. We can help you find good quality Ambanja, Nosy Be, Nosy Mitsio, Sambava, or Nosy Faly. We have acquired captive bred lines from dozens of great breeders over the years, and we are happy to discuss our experience with any one of them if you find something you are interested in.

Here are a few partners who we have worked with for many years and deserve special call-outs for their contributions to our project:

  1. Brian Stewart - an all-time great breeder of the species. Brian’s Ambanja are in most captive lines in the United States today.
  2. One World Exotica - our favorite importer. Jay is very particular about where his animals go and makes sure they end up with experienced breeders and keepers. I respect his craft and we are the beneficiary of his work.
  3. Kammerflage Kreations - oldest captive bred lines in the United States. If you breed Ambilobe, Nosy Be, Sambava or Ambanja, chances are, you are breeding one of Ed Kammer’s lines. It is very difficult to work with captive bred animals that can’t be traced to Ed’s work.
  4. Chromatic Chameleons - like-minded Ambilobe breeders who also have some Ambanja and Nosy be projects.
  5. Ramblin’ Exotics - Robbie and Elizabeth are two of my favorite people in the hobby. Their Nosy Be project is one of my favorites. They brought in a a few exceptional wild-caught males from Jay and are producing amazing F1 offspring.

There are others who we would include on this list but have moved on from the species like Frank Payne, Nick Henn, Bobby Ruddock, Jim Rykbost, RB Barto, Jeremy Booker, etc. They have all contributed to our project in various ways through their work with Furcifer pardalis.

Here are a few breeders we have not worked with directly, but we follow their projects with keen interest:

  1. Roberson Reptiles - Ryan has been creating some of the most unique F1 in the United States. He is currently the only person I know who has successfully acclimated Maroantsetra, Ankaramy, Masoala, among other obscure and interesting locales.
  2. Ready’s Rainforest - Lee and Amanda have the best pure locale Ambanja in the United States. Most of the captive lines in the United States have been muddied up with RBBB Ambilobe and Nosy Be to produce designer cross purple chameleons (blurples), so it is very hard to find good, pure Ambanja like theirs.

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