Papafee x Lokana

January 11, 2022

This pairing was between our fourth generation hold back, Papafee, and our Ambilobe female from Chromatic Chameleons, Lokana. Lokana is from a great pairing between Kromatisk and Shirley. Kromatisk is one of my favorite Ambilobe breeders in the USA and Shirley is from one of my favorite ybbb combinations from Kammerflage Kreations. Papafee is the HB male from our Zanaka x Sunny clutch. His yellows are my favorite from the fourth generation. This was a great combination with our favorite fourth gen yellow male with an extremely high quality yellow female (there may be a theme here)!

1st Clutch

Hatch dates
1/11/2022 - 3/01/2022
Hatch rate

2nd Clutch

Hatch dates
4/15/2022 - 5/11/2022
Hatch rate
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