Manjaka x Lokana

June 5, 2022

This pairing was between our F1 sire from Colorado Chameleons, Manjaka, and our female from Chromatic Chameleons, Lokana. Lokana is a mix of Chromatic and Kammerflage Kreations yellow-bodied blue bar Ambilobe while Manjaka is a wonderful YBBB from a recent import, WC Arlo. The outcomes have been extremely consiste YBBB thus far which are not directly related to our main line of Ambilobe. They are a great option for people looking for high quality pairings with our multi-generational lines.

1st Clutch

Hatch dates
5/31/2022 - 6/5/2022
Hatch rate

2nd Clutch

Hatch dates
7/14/2022 - 7/16/2022
Hatch rate
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