Zandrin is our 4th gen HB from Nugget x Loko. He has amazing yellows with blue bars and some vibrant red highlights on his turrets and spine. He is a phenomenal Ambilobe Panther Chameleon. Zandrin Zandrin1 Zandrin2 Zandrin3 Zandrin4 Zandrin5 Zandrin6 Zandrin7 Zandrin8 Filial F4-CG14 Sire Nugget Dam Loko 5 Generation Tree Ancestral Report for Zandrin (F4-CG14) Generation 1 1. Zandrin (F4-CG14). Zandrin was born on 2021-06-04 at iPardalis. He is the son of Nugget (F3-CG4) and Loko (F5-CG13).

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Kosmo is one of my favorite RBBB Ambilobe produced over the past few years. He was sold as an egg by Eric Thompson, purchased as a juvenile by LA Chams and then we acquired him so we could have a solid RBBB Ambilobe project with two unrelated lines. However, because of his many homes, his lineage information was not very well maintained. We know he was from Skyline and another Eric Thompson female, so I do not recommend pairing his offspring with anything from Chameleons101.

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Jackson is a great YBBB from our 4th generation of Ambilobe. Son of Jack, he brings some great blue bars and a yellow body w/ a little less red/orange highlighting than his father. His dam sire is one of our favorites from Bobby Rodduck, so he’s a very valuable addition to our project! Jackson Jackson1 Jackson2 Jackson3 Jackson4 Jackson5 Jackson6 mtDNA Haplogroup* 3 (Ambilobe East) Filial F4-CG13 Sire Jack Dam Mavokely *preliminary results

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