How much do Panther Chameleons cost?

Panther Chameleons usually cost between $200 and $500 with the exceptional specimen costing $500-$800. The factors which impact their price are health, lineage, current color profile, size for their age and the market demand for specific traits, such as a yellow body (my favorite). Females usually cost about $100 less than males because they don’t live as long or display the same bright colors.

Are chameleons expensive to keep?

The total cost of owning a chameleon is around $1,000 for the intial setup and $50 per month on food. For a good breakdown on cost of ownership, Olimpia Martinotti’s 2012 blog post on the topic has aged extremely well.

How much do Panther Chameleon eggs cost?

Panther Chameleon eggs range from $75-$250. However, like many get rich quick schemes and affordable options, this is a lie too. Most people compare the price of an egg and the price of the nicest full-grown panther chameleon they have ever seen. They imagine they’re getting that amazing animal in the egg, so they buy into the idea that it is a good deal pretty quickly. Hence why this is such an effective scam. However, here are the extra costs that are incurred from 0-3 months of age. I’m not even going to attempt the cost comparison with the fully proven adult male they envision buying, which is a 1 out of 100 chance.

  • $75 food
  • $50 extra decor for baby cage
  • $50 small cage
  • $50 bad feeder shipments, wasted feeders, or other challenges with live food
  • $50 small lights
  • time is money, no? Whatever price you put on 3 months of your own labor

Why do certain Panther Chameleon breeders charge more?

Beware of unusually high prices because those are indicative of flippers/drop shippers who need to charge a mark up - find the source and save yourself $300+. They are not charging more because the animals are higher quality - often it is because they can’t keep them alive and they are sick. You will often notice these expensive animals have oddly cartoonish backgrounds, light colors which match the chameleon “color,” or a gentleman with oompa loompa (orange) hands in the picture. The scammers using Photoshop will charge more, but they don’t know what they’re doing and can’t help you succeed with Panther Chameleons. Please check out our partners and reach out if you want to know if someone is reputable. We are happy to help you understand pricing or other industry-related questions.

Does a high-priced Panther Chameleon mean they receive high quality care?

No. Breeders who don’t provide proper care need to charge more to cover their loses. We can say this with confidence: when you strive to provide top-quality husbandry and enrichment to your animals, you have inventory problems and need to charge less to find homes for them. They grow extremely fast under ideal conditions. Most of the people charging high prices are just trying to cover the loses of dozens of poor chameleons they couldn’t care for properly. Don’t reward people who can’t maintain an inventory of Panther Chameleons because breeders keeping them properly will most likely have some individuals that they are willing to give you for free.

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