WC Bibi x Mamony

This pairing is a great F1 group with WC Bibi paired to our 4th gen female named Mamony from Blossom x Maitso. Our hope is that the strong blues on the female side of this lineage will help clean up the mixed bar look of WC Bibi and he’ll bring some size and fresh genetics into the mix. WC Bibi’s yellows are very interesting and slightly different from Blossom’s, so it will also be interesting to watch these animals as they mature.

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Bibi (WC)

Imported by One World Exotica in June 2022. Bibi is a very vibrant wild caught (WC) Ambilobe panther chameleon. Bibidia translates to wild in Malagasy, which is why we named our two WC Bibi and Dia. Bibi has a decent amount of red on his face and blue bars with a vibrant green/yellow body. The yellow covers both his body and bars, so his bars almost look green at times.

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