Nuhana is an F1 female we produced with our 3rd gen ybbb, Nugget and our captive-hatched (CH) female, Bohana. Her brothers have been pretty diverse in their color scheme. Fingers crossed she takes after her father! Nuhana Nuhana1

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New iPardalis Genes

Zanaka (F2) Zanaka is F2 because his mother’s father was a wild-caught Ambilobe named Herb (Fanitso), owned by Kammerflage Kreations. Bohana (CH) Bohana was hatched by Busy B’s Exotics from eggs laid by an Ambilobe female imported in 2019. Bohana’s brothers proved out and are some very nice yellow body blue bar Ambilobe, like this guy owned by Daniel Gordinho named Goldust:

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Bohana (CH)

Beautiful captive hatched (CH) female we picked up from Busy B’s Exotics. Her brothers have ranged from true solid red body blue bar (RBBB) to yellow body blue bar (YBBB) Ambilobe, so it will be extremely interesting to see where she lands. Fingers crossed she is carrying the YBBB genes we specialize in! If not, we will pair her to Alfred next to create some fresh combinations of vibrant, multi-colored Ambilobe.

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