Candy Cane

Flash x Judy

This was our first clutch. Both parents, Flash and Judy, were sourced from Bruce Galbraith at Chameleon’s Paradise. Our hatch rate was ~50% and 4 of the babies did not make it to the 3 month mark. That was the baseline that we have tried to improve upon.

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Jude was the alpha male from Flash and Judy’s clutch, hatched 10/17/17. He has strong yellows and a fierce attitude! We were lucky to select a male that looks a lot like his grandfather, Cowboy. Body shot D s c00380

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Judy was our first generation breeder from Candy Cane (F1) at Chameleon’s Paradise. She laid one good clutch for us but died during laying complications after 2 more infertile clutches. Judy (1) Judy (2) Judy (3)

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