Coco brings a new WC line from Brightside Chameleon’s Gambit into our project via Hendrix/Dante from Ramblin’ Exotics! Hendrix is a great mix of two recent WC sires, Gambit and Bolt, and we are very excited to add his daughter to our breeding group. She has phenomenal coloring for a female and has been able to lay and bounce back easily thus far.

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Lineage: Ramblin' Exotics

Ramblin’ Exotics Hendrix Hendrix Hendrix1 Hendrix2 Sire Dante Dam Sunkist Foxey Foxey Foxey1 Foxey2

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Lineage: Tropical Chameleons

Tropical Chameleons Dante Dante Sire Gambit Dam Polaris Sunkist Sire Bolt Dam Test

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