Tigravavy is a one of our favorite females from the Jude x Alla clutch. Her brothers have been everything from clean ybbb like Mondrian, Clyde, and Toby to more rainbow Ambilobe like Alfred, Blossom and Jack. Predominantly ybbb but a few beautiful odd balls mixed in. Tigravavy has deep browns and a golden body, great contrast. If her sons have even a fraction of her good looks, they will be wild!

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Lineage: Chameleon's Paradise

Chameleon Paradise Cowboy WC Cowboy Cowboy2 Cowboy3 Candy Cane F1 Candy cane Candy cane1 Candy cane2 Candy cane3 Jake F1 Jake Jake1 Jake2 King King King1 24k 24k 24k1 24k3 600 24k1

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Flash was our first generation breeder from Cowboy (CH) at Chameleon’s Paradise. He had a very gentle personality and only gave us one healthy clutch with Judy, from which we kept Jude. We were still learning when we got Flash and he passed after consuming a large number of wild bugs when pesticides had been applied to the lawn behind ours. The vet said that he had kidney failure like he’d been poisoned, but we have been continuing to improve our husbandry year-after-year in his honor.

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