emma frost


Bleu is a male we picked up from the Stryfe line. He was raised by Jeremy Booker at Brightside Chameleons, and he was a bit of a challenge to work with. We released him in early 2020 and only produced a few clutches with him. We hope to select some nice males from his offspring to bring that line into our project. Bleu Bleu1 Bleu2 Filial F3-CG11 Sire Stryfe Dam Emma Frost 5 Generation Tree

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Lineage: Brightside Chameleons

Brightside Chameleons Stryfe Stryfe Stryfe1 Stryfe2 Sire Dio Dam Stryfe’s Dam Emma Frost Sire Felipe Sanchez Dam Sire Macho Perregrin/Pyro Pyro Pyro1 Pyro2 Pyro3 Sire Sparkles Dam Sasha Polaris Sire Cyclops Dam Pheonix Cyclops Cyclops Cyclops1 Cyclops2 Pheonix Sire Zephyros Dam Unknown Gambit WC Gambit Gambit1 Legion WC Legion Legion1 Legion2 Legion3 Legion4 Legion5 Magik Sire Marley Dam Unknown

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