gold rush

Zozoro x Artalla

This pairing was between our only female from Arti x Alla, and our male from Kammerflage Kreations, Zozoro. Zozoro brings some nice yellow and blue. His yellow settled into a lime green at rest and his bars were more baby blue than royal blue. Whereas Arti had some great deep blue bars and bit less yellow in the body. This has a lot of Kammerflage on each side of the lineage and it is unrelated to our main line.

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Zozoro is a great YBBB from the Kammerflage sire Gold Rush. His father is my favorite YBBB produced over the past few years and his mother is the combination of a vibrant YBBB named My Friend and a true F1 from two different WC that the Kammer’s acclimated recently. Very excited to work this guy into our 4th/5th generation of Ambilobe! Zozoro Zozoro1 Zozoro2 Zozoro3 Zozoro4 Zozoro5 Filial F3-CG13 Sire Au-Mirongatra (Gold Rush) Dam Ankoso-Bolamena (Goldie) 5 Generation Tree

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