Imelda brings a new WC line from Brightside Chameleon’s Gambit into our project via Hendrix/Dante from Ramblin’ Exotics! Hendrix is a great mix of two recent WC sires, Gambit and Bolt, and we are very excited to add his daughter to our breeding group. She layed successfully, but we have been monitoring a minor gular edema on her.

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Lineage: Ramblin' Exotics

Ramblin’ Exotics Hendrix Hendrix Hendrix1 Hendrix2 Sire Dante Dam Sunkist Foxey Foxey Foxey1 Foxey2

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Lineage: Tropical Chameleons

Tropical Chameleons Dante Dante Sire Gambit Dam Polaris Sunkist Sire Bolt Dam Test

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