Kiborin x Maize

This pairing was between our male named Kiborin from Blossom x Maitso, and a female we picked up from Brian Stewart, Maize. Maize seems to be throwing everything from a beautiful orange body blue bar to a yellow body blue bar while Kiborin was one of our favorite yellow body blue bars from Blossom. This group has been very vibrant and a few males have had the ability to fire up to to point where their blue bars almost go white!

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Maize is a great YBBB Ambilobe female from our good friend Brian Stewart. McNulty is a male from one of Brian’s old projects from the Stryfe line and he paired him up with a female from one of his recent pairings with Artemis from Colorado Chameleons. These should be a lot of fun to prove out because they have three ybbb sires in the closest lineage. Top notch stuff as always!

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Lineage: Brian Stewart

McNulty Mcnulty Mcnulty1 Mcnulty2 Sire Stryfe Dam Sire Unknown Kammers Sire Artemis’s Daughter Sire Artemis Dam Felipe Sanchez’s daughter

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