mango saphire

Lineage: Charles Yamaguchi

Charles Yamaguchi Charles Yamaguchi isn’t a real person. Elizabeth Lawrence scammed people under this persona selling a bunch of Ambilobe x Nosy Be crosses to people. Her other aliases include: Cami Garden Hat, April Wilcox, Trevor Neufeld, and April Michelle. I would never add a female from this lineage, but I found a great looking male that’s a few gens removed from her scam.

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Lineage: Highlighter Chameleons

Highlighter Chameleons Mango Saphire Mangosaphire Sire Karamba-ady (Cage Combat) Dam Telo heny’s daughter Flamethrower Flamethrower Flamethrower1 Flamethrower2 Sire Tropicali Dam Sire [Arira/Thunder’s daughter] Copperhead’s daughter Sire Copperhead Dam Unknown Grape Inferno Grapeinferno

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