Zandrin x Mara

This pairing was between our female Mara from Chi-town Chameleons, and our 4th gen male, Zandrin. Zandrin was our favorite YBBB from Nugget and Mara brings the WC Legion line into our project via Nova. If we can get a HB that looks remotely similar to Zandrin x Nova, we will be super excited about this line :) Hatch dates 12/04/22 - 12/21/2022 Hatch rate 32/40 F1 F2 F3

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Mara is the beautiful sister of Maro. They are a pair of Ambilobe breeders we acquired from Chi-Town Chameleons from their Sammy x Nova (F1) pairing. It is looking like Maro is taking after Sammy, so it will be interesting to prove out Mara and see who her sons resemble. Mara Mara1 Mara2 Mara3 Mara4 Mara5 Filial F3 Sire Sammy Dam Storm 5 Generation Tree Ancestral Report for Mara (F3) Generation 1 1.

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