Parasites and Ethics: Origin Story

Rye, for good luck. We received 5 females from reputable CB sources that had issues during/after quarantine since 2017. The first 2 were in 2017. They never had great appetites and seemed to have respiratory issues. We brought them to the vet and kept them isolated for 60 days; however, the vet did not see anything wrong with them, and after they seemed to be healthy enough, we tried to breed them.

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Parasites and Ethics: Intro

tldr; Every animal you acquire, whether it be captive bred (CB) or wild caught (WC), should receive multiple fecal exams. A positive fecal should be managed in consultation with a qualified vet who has experience working with chameleons. Many different species of parasites do not shed at a constant rate, so a negative fecal is not a gaurantee that the animal is clean. We found Coccidia in 2 out of 25 exams that we performed in June-July 2021, and plan to run fecals on every animal in our possession and share the results/methods here.

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