Promise Keeper

Zanaka x Sunny

We added Zanaka (F2) to our project because he is the product of one of Kammerflage Kreations’s top yellow-bodied Ambilobe, Promise Keeper, and a classic WC Ambilobe, Fanitso. We paired him with both of our main 3rd gen lines from Jude with the goal of producing something a bit different and adding new blood to the project.

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Zanaka is a giant F2 Ambilobe from Kammerflage Kreations. His personality was gentle to the extreme and he was hard to get fired up. It was almost as if other males didn’t exist, but when he saw a female, he would light up and start bobbing like a mad man.

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Lineage: Kammerflage Kreations

Kammerflage Kreations Manome-toky (Promise Keeper) Sire Bararata-fatio (Bamboo Falcon) Dam Vony-reny Promise keeper Promise keeper1 Promise keeper2 Promise keeper3 Promise keeper4

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