WC Dia x Vaosary

This pairing was the only successful clutch with WC Dia. We paired him to our 5th gen female named Vaosary from Papafee x Lokana. Vaosary was a stand out female with a lot of orange from one of my favorite 5th gen groups. Because of how rare this line will be, they are a great option for breeders looking for high-quality foundation animals at the F1 generation. Really love that we got some WC Dia and Papafee clones in the mix here - very cool stuff!

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Vaosary is one of our 5th generation HB females from Papafee x Lokana. She has a rusty coloration with even more orange than her sister Bumble Bee. Her first pairing is with our new WC Ambilobe, so we expect her to produce some absolutely amazing F1 YBBB Ambilobe for us! Vaosary Vaosary1 Vaosary2 Filial F4-CG14 Sire Papafee Dam Lokana 5 Generation Tree Ancestral Report for Vaosary (F4-CG14) Generation 1 1.

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