Lokana is the half-sister of Loko. They each have a 50% chance of bringing Kromatisk’s amazing ybbb into our project, but Lokana also has Landy x Hamy from her dam, Shirley’s side. Really can’t go wrong with the two possibilities here. We are very excited to see how she proves out over the years :).

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Loko is a premium CB Ambilobe from some of the best lines in the USA. Her sire, Kromatisk from Chromatic Chameleons, is one of my favorite active breeders of the locale. My hope is that we can get some little guys that glow yellow from her and Nugget!

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Lineage: Chromatic Chameleons

Chromatic Chameleons Felipe Sanchez Felipe Felipe1 Felipe2 Felipe3 Sire Bolt Dam Cowboy’s daughter Kromatisk Kromatisk

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