Chameleon Academy: Chameleon Breeder Husbandry vs Keeper Husbandry

May 5, 2023

This is a discussion about whether breeders should get a pass for poor husbandry. We know that the practical constraints of breeding animals for a profit yields a compromising attitude towards husbandry. I believe it should be uncompromising, and I am happy to hold myself to the same standards as my customers. Bill is a leader in this movement and I hope we can encourage more breeders to commit to higher standards of care.

Bill does a great job of framing the history of this topic starting with his first multi-generational pairing in the early 90s and how far we have come on many different topics.

  • Minimalist care vs enrichment-based care
  • Naturalistic vs sterile
  • Hydration methods
  • Rearing methods
  • Our responsibility to sentient beings
  • Learned helplessness in group-raised animals
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