WC Dia x Vaosary

This pairing was the only successful clutch with WC Dia. We paired him to our 5th gen female named Vaosary from Papafee x Lokana. Vaosary was a stand out female with a lot of orange from one of my favorite 5th gen groups. Because of how rare this line will be, they are a great option for breeders looking for high-quality foundation animals at the F1 generation. Really love that we got some WC Dia and Papafee clones in the mix here - very cool stuff!

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Dia (WC)

Imported by One World Exotica in June 2022. Dia was our favorite WC import, between him and Bibi. He had a clean yellow body and his bars showed more blue as he settled in; however, he did not fully acclimate and we only got a few clutches from him. We did find him some top notch females from our line, so hopefully those great traits get worked into the gene pool!

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