Manjaka x Noko

This pairing was between our female from Nugget x Loko, and our male from Colorado Chameleons, F1 Manjaka. Manjaka was pretty unassuming as a juvenile, but he became one of our favorite YBBB Ambilobe breeders as an adult. He had an extra blue bar, and yellows were classic Ambilobe. Loko came to us from Chromatic Chameleons and Nugget is our favorite 3rd gen YBBB breeder. Hatch dates 11/19/22 - 11/29/2022 Hatch rate 24/24 M1

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Noko is our HB female from Nugget and Loko. Her brother is Zandrin. She should throw some intense yellow and blue with some interesting red highlighting. Her personality is very calm and photogenic. It was incredibly easy to get some nice profile pictures of her! Noko Noko1 Noko2 Noko3 Noko4 Noko5 Filial F4-CG14 Sire Nugget Dam Loko 5 Generation Tree Ancestral Report for Noko (F4-CG14) Generation 1 1. Noko (F4-CG14).

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